Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just another boring entry- My Kind of Guy.

People who know me would definitely know what kind of guy I like, those who don’t, not to worry, am going to blog about it.

Materialistic is my middle name, I confess that I will never date a guy who earns less than me. Apart from that, he must, read MUST, COMPULSORY to be a graduate or degree holder. If he is not, then he better be extremely rich and as smart as Einstein to even consider dating me :P.

Secondly, he must be a PROFESSIONAL. I’ve dated trainee Doctor, Lawyer, Consultant and Engineer. So far, Engineer fared the best of course.

Third, he must be well-mannered, well spoken and well-liked by my family member. He has to love DOGS and bear with the overpowering dog’s stench :P.

Fourth, he has to know road exceptionally well. I am bad with roads.

Fifth, he doesn’t mind a gf who doesn’t cook, doesn’t wash, doesn’t iron and doesn’t do
housework, cause I have a demanding career.

Sixth, he has to bear with my mood swing and endless complaints and nagging.

Seventh, to be added as and when I think fits.

Sigh.. I'm bored.