Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I think being an attention seeker runs in the family... ahem ahem... firstly, let me introduced myself, Melissa.

Am a lecturer's pet back in university's time, seriously I can score good marks just being attentive in class. My group assignment and individual's assignment are always the "Sample" of good assignment, cause the four of us, are ahem.. ahem.. 4.0 student.. so ahem ahem.. what is so hard getting an A for an assignment? there I go again.. anyways..

Secondly, Michelle, My second sister... similar to myself, she is also The Star Scholar and currently also holding CGPA 4.0. Soon to be account & finance graduate (in 2 years time). Also a lecturer's pet in university :)

My youngest sister, Madeline is a very rebellious and hot-blooded teenage girl. She is obsessed with branded and expensive items and only uses the best and eats the best. Being the youngest, she has almost everything a 16 years old girl can demand for. EXCEPT A BF, which my mum has ultimate veto power to allow or deny :).

To talk a bout my yioungest sister, I can go on and on... anyways... She has again made me proud by setting up her own cheer team and managed to convince the school to let it compete in the upcoming cheer 2008 and I have booked my next ticket home just to see her perform.

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Her team's name is X-PLODETES, she is the center girl doing the split... looks alike eh? Of course! Sisters what...