Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mid Year Reflection.

Unbelievable but true.

Welcome to the Mid of year 2008!

It is almost a year now being in Singapore. Let me see, what have I achieved so far in 2007/2008?

Year 2007, I was promoted then I resigned and then I start fresh again.

Year 2008, I am soon to be promoted (Already got the promotion offer) again to the same position I was in when I was back in Msia. How ironic yeah? To be promoted twice to the same position. But it was all worthwhile after all, consider the fact I have learned so much being a junior again.

Being totally independent, which was unachievable back in KL cause imam mama and papa’s big big apple.. cause ever since I don that corporate suit.. woo hoo.. Melissa is exempted from doing housework.. hahaha… reserved for my hou Ji Mui to do…
Secondly, cut my bloody money sucking card (Credit Card) along with my 12,000 points (I din claim the point before I cancelled it, just plain dumbo cause I was in hurry to cancel it). 1 point = RM1… oh my freaking gawsh…. I spend total RM12,000 in a year… now you know why I am so broke ALL THE TIME.

Learned to cook, failed several time and succeeded a couple of time…(I cook like what… once in 2 months?). Don’t blame me man.. I am not born to cook, I am born to study and work. If you want to compare how delicious my dishes are, I can serve it on my numerous certificates that I have and you will be awe with the As’ instead of the bland taste! (Someone says blowing own trumpet’s sound stupid, I say, you don’t blow cause you don’t have one).

Several praises from my clients and seniors. Due to confidentiality of my work, no further elaboration is allowed otherwise my career is in jeopardy.

Handling stress and time management. I have successfully avoiding going on MSN and sub-contracted my side business to my partner in crime, Alec. I suspect my side business venture has been taking much of my time, as much as MSN does, so from now onwards, I will only MSN when I have the time to.

Time is ticking, I am already 23 this year. I think the clock is ticking very fast so fast that when I fill in any application I would just write 21 years old instead of 23 (Cause I simply believe I am still 21... ah.. the year I just graduated).

When you started working (especially in stressful Corporate environment, NOT THOSE 9-5 job), you will realized you grew so much older than your age. Thankfully I still don’t have any wrinkles… maybe not yet.. soon will if I keep blogging so late!

Anyways, just finished my work at this ungodly hour, thus this late entry… sooooo tired…brain dead… training’s tomorrow…