Wednesday, June 4, 2008


5 more days to go before kissing my P1-Corporate Governance paper good bye.
Sooo not in the mood to study right now but not keen to strike a conversation with anyone on msn. Been away from msn lately cause:

1. The smart IT dept disabled my msn function and set some firewall against downloading MSN Live from the net. So, I have to bear with the dysfunctional and no-picture-display

2. No one worth talking to.

3. Too many perverts added me online (I accepted cause I thought they might be my potential customer-COACH BUSINESS! What were you thinking?).

I have this habit of writing down things I’d like to do after each examination. For this round, I would want or have to:

1. Hug Alec (I miss him sooooo much! Just 1 week apart and I am missing him heaps, why? CAUSE MY MSIA FRIENDS DON’T WANT TO FRIEND ME, ASK YAMCHA ALSO DON’T WANT TO LAYAN ME … sob sob)

2. Ask him to drive me to Mid Valley to see my college friends. (I super miss them too and I HATE DRIVING IN MSIA!)

3. Go back Singapore and clear all my review points and outstanding work.

4. Go gym with my colleagues (Oh Planet Fitness, finally I can meet you!).

5. Probably enroll in some Golf Class*.

6. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Am 47kg now.. crap! Wanna down to 45kg, not too much cause I am a frequent blood donor, can’t donate once hit below 45kg.

7. Probably pick up taekwondo again*.

8. Probably pick up hip-hop class*.

9. DECORATE MY NEW ROOM! Oh yeah, I have just moved to Yio Chu Kang and much bigger room with exorbitant rental SGD700. *Cut-throat*. No air-cond some more but what's important is NO LAND-LORD and the room is big! More reason to shop. So excited!

*Probably means… probably, maybe yes, maybe no, just maybe maybe.

Things I wish to do by end of this year:

1. Buy a property. If below RM150k, might be doing it solo, if anything more, might be asking Alec to chip in.

2. Slim down to 45kg and trim the chubby tummy.

3. Save, save, save.

4. Try not to be too fierce/strict/cruel with Alec :P. Learn to say, Yes My Dear, instead of NO, DON’T WANT, HAIH, I WANT TO WORK AH!.

5. Try not think of work/work on weekends (Damn hard lor I tell you).

Things I have done just 1 hour ago:

1. Read some random ppl’s blog.

2. Created a Facebook, cause William has been asking me, still no facebook ah? Seriously. What’s with the ho-ha? Okay, I have one.. now what?

3. Flipped my notes and saying to myself, read ady, read ady, skip skip skip, flip, flip, flip.

4. Talked to Alec-san, telling him how to get to UCSI on Monday to pick me up. Whoo hoo.. first time Alec doesn’t know how to get a place. He is soo blardy good with roads lor, even Singapore map pun dah hafal.

Shit, realized I blogged like a Singaporean, with all the lor and lahs….Nuff said, books again.


~Lightings Galore~ said...

for the record i think ur current weight is 48-49kg...